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The World                                  most critical meeting they have ever     Attending will be truly global
Economic                                   had. The diverse challenges from         leaders who have the power and
Forum                                      2016, with presumably no fewer to        the will to make change, garner
                                           be faced in 2017, are facing people      mutual understanding and, where
Annual                                     around the globe.                        appropriate, take action. Participants
Meeting 2017                                                                        in previous years have come from
                                           The main topic this year is contained    across all disciplines, such as Niall
We live in a fast-paced and                within the theme of Responsive and       Ferguson, renowned expert on
               interconnected world where  Responsible Leadership. Under            globalisation, contributing from a
               breakthrough technologies,  this umbrella they will discuss various  geopolitics and economy perspective,
 demographic shifts and political          topics including the reforming of        along with Lynda Gratton, an
 transformations have far-reaching         market capitalism, revitalisation of     influential strategic thinker and expert
 societal and economic consequences.       the global economy and strengthening     behaviourist and Wolfgang Ischinger,
 There is no sign of this slowing down     systems for global collaboration.        Chairman of the Munich Security
 and, in fact, we are on course for        Following on from last year’s theme,     Conference, specialising in security
 exponential change as time goes on.       there will also be a continuation of     and diplomacy.
                                           preparing for the Fourth Industrial
 Thousands of world leaders will gather    Revolution.                              Other visionaries who have taken
 in Davos this January, for possibly the                                            part include explorer, innovator and
                                           These topics are aimed at improving      sustainability specialist Bertrand
                                           the state of the world in the year       Piccard, the record breaking round
                                           ahead. Bringing leading thinkers,        the world balloonist, as well as
                                           economists, celebrities, business        economists from all disciplines such as
                                           gurus and others together to discuss     joint Nobel Prize Winner for Economics
                                           specific areas facing, and in some       Christopher Pissarides, Professor
                                           cases, threatening the planet, can       of Economics, Nouriel Roubini
                                           help brace ourselves for the coming      and founder of the Grameen Bank,
                                           whirlwind of change.                     Muhammad Yunus. n

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