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    Will What Happened in 2016
         Repeat Itself in 2017?

“In 2017 we will               Predicting the future is                    Leavia and make Brexit a success will
discover that                             impossible, but I do write a     require great imagination. And luck.
the right wing                            football column each week in     Second, whether or not she shows
populist economic               The Times that tries to do just that.      imagination Theresa May will continue
nationalist                     So I'd better not be a coward when it      to have luck.
candidate will                  comes to politics.
govern as a right                                                          The Fink Tank discipline forces me to
wing populist                   The essence of my Fink Tank column         add the word probably to that. It looks
economic                        is that I look at what happened last       as though Jeremy Corbyn will still be
nationalist. ”                  season and tell readers that this is the   in place next summer. It is possible
                                most likely thing to happen again. So      he will be challenged again after
                                what happened last year in political       unsuccessful local elections but he will
                                affairs that might be repeated?            only topple if the left turns against
                                First, Britain divided into two
                                countries - Leavia and Remainia. The       Third, 2017 is not separated from
                                former consists of people who do not       2016 by some sort of magic wall. The
                                feel connected to the global economy       things that happened this year will
                                or regard themselves as beneficiaries.     have their consequences next year.
                                They are culturally conservative and       The talk about Donald Trump is that
                                pessimistic about change. They are         we took him literally but not seriously
                                worried that they will be losers from      whereas we should have taken him
                                political correctness.                     seriously but not literally. I think this
                                                                           is wrong. We should have taken him
                                Remainia are those who benefit from        seriously and literally.
                                globalisation, are well educated and
                                feel that if there is civic equality they  In 2017 we will discover that the right
                                can benefit fully from their education.    wing populist economic nationalist
                                They are culturally liberal because        candidate will govern as a right wing
                                they feel they are gaining from the        populist economic nationalist. n
                                                                           Lord Finkelstein is Associate
                                These two groups are hard to               Editor of The Times and
                                reconcile. Making a success of Brexit      former Head of Policy for the
                                requires freer global trade, lower         Conservative Party. He was
                                non-wage labour costs and more             adviser to both Prime Minister
                                deregulation. Yet these are all policies   John Major and Conservative
                                that Leavia dislikes, and they won         leader William Hague
                                the referendum. To somehow satisfy

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