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renewable Energy Internet, and a       (Marginal cost is the cost of producing   Post reported from Beijing on
digitalized automated Transportation   an additional unit of a good or service,  October 29th that "Chinese Premier
and Logistics Internet, bringing       after fixed costs have been absorbed.)    Li Keqiang has not only read Jeremy
communication, energy, and mobility                                              Rifkin's book, The Third Industrial
into a new nexus. These three          For the past fourteen years, Mr. Rifkin   Revolution, and taken it to heart. He
Internets ride atop a platform called  has advised the three presidents of       and his colleagues have also made it
the Internet of Things. Sensors are    the European Commission - Romano          the core of the country's thirteenth
being embedded into every device       Prodi, Jose Manuel Barroso, and           Five-Year Plan..." The Huffington Post
and appliance, allowing them to        currently Jean-Claude Juncker - as        goes on to say that "this blueprint
communicate with each other and        well as the European Parliament,          for China's future signals the most
Internet users, providing up to the    and EU heads of state, including          momentous shift in direction since the
moment data on the managing,           Germany's Angela Merkel, on the           death of Mao and the advent of Deng
powering, and moving of economic       ushering in of a smart green Third        Xiaoping's reform and opening up in
activity in a smart digital society.   Industrial Revolution economy.            1978."

In this expanded digital economy,       According to EurActiv, Jeremy Rifkin     Mr. Rifkin has taught in the Executive
enterprises connected to the Internet  is an American economist and author       Education program at the Wharton
of Things can use Big Data and         whose best-selling Third Industrial       School since 1995.
analytics to develop algorithms that   Revolution arguably provided the
speed aggregate efficiency, increase   blueprint for Germany’s transition to     Mr. Rifkin is ranked 123 in the
productivity, and dramatically lower   a low-carbon economy, and China’s         WorldPost / HuffingtonPost 2015
the ecological footprint and marginal  strategic acceptance of climate           global survey of "The World's Most
cost of producing and distributing     policy." See the link here.               Influential Voices." Mr. Rifkin is
goods and services, making                                                       also listed among the top 10 most
European and Chinese businesses        Mr. Rifkin has also been advising the     influential economic thinkers in the
more competitive in an emerging        leadership of the Peoples Republic of     survey. n
postcarbon global marketplace.         China in recent years. The Huffington

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