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Mr. Rifkin has been advising the leadership of the European Union
                                         over the past 14 years, and more recently, has been advising the
                                         leadership of the People’s Republic of China.

                                         Mr. Rifkin is a principle architect of the European Union’s long
                                         term Third Industrial Revolution economic vision and development
                                         plan to usher in an internet of things digital infrastructure across
                                         the European Union and its partnership regions to create a smart
                                         post-carbon economy and the world’s largest single integrated
                                         economic marketplace. The plan is called "Smart Europe."

The Smart Europe Third                   throughout history. Every great         on national road systems converged
         Industrial Revolution long-     economic paradigm requires three        to create an infrastructure for the
         term economic development       elements, each of which interacts       Second Industrial Revolution.
plan will be formally announced          with the other to enable the
by the European Commission in            system to operate as a whole: new       Today, the European Union and
February 2017. Mr. Rifkin's global       communication technologies to more      China have taken up Mr. Rifkin's
consulting consortium, TIR Consulting    efficiently manage economic activity;   economic vision and are laying the
Group LLC, is currently advising         new sources of energy to more           groundwork for a smart digital Third
the European Commission on the           efficiently power economic activity;    Industrial Revolution. Jean-Claude
deployment of the Smart Europe           and new modes of transportation         Juncker, President of the European
initiative and will be working with the  to more efficiently move economic       Commission, has introduced a new
350 formal regions of the EU in the      activity.                               long-term economic vision and
creation of road maps to deploy the                                              development plan called "Smart
new economic narrative and vision        In the 19th century, steam-powered      Europe," while President Xi and
across Europe.                           printing and the telegraph, abundant    Premier Li of China have introduced
                                         coal, and locomotives on national       a similar vision called “China Internet
To grasp the enormity of the Smart       rail systems gave rise to the First     Plus.”
Europe transformation taking             Industrial Revolution. In the 20th
place, we need to understand the         Century, centralized electricity, the   In both the EU and China, the
technological forces that have given     telephone, radio and television, cheap  digitalized communication Internet
rise to new economic systems             oil, and internal combustion vehicles   is converging with a digitalized

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