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A MINOR                                    market with more than 500 million        in what position will Europe be? What
CRISIS?                                    people but we also saw how the           is really happening in Turkey? Are they
                                           decisional process collapsed because     changing alliances after decades of
Europe is declining. 2017 should           of 1 million refugees; the debt crisis   deadlock with the Europeans? Are we
           be an urgent momentum for a     is not closed and 8 years after the      able to understand that the key border
           (re)start, but things are what  financial crisis we still discover a     for security is the southern one? And
 they are. Waiting for French and          systemic problem in the Italian banks!   are we aware that eastern countries
 German elections will not allow a         Our growth is half of the Americans’,    are looking back to history again,
 decisive transformation year.             our unemployment is double...and         defining themselves as Russophiles
                                           European elites love to think the        or Russophobes? Do we see European
 In the meantime problems are              problem is abroad... Europe has a        deterioration as everybody in the
 becoming enormous and leaderships         dramatic demographic winter but          world is seeing?
 weaker. Europe is targeted by             European public opinion is currently
 terrorism without having common           against migrants. Fear of globalization  This is not a minor crisis... n
 intelligence; we say Europe is a          and opposition to trade are prevailing.
                                           With so much rigidity and without the    Paulo Portas is the former
                                           competitive British economy what is      Deputy Prime Minister of
                                           our way to restore growth?               Portugal. He also held office in
                                                                                    the Portuguese Ministry of State
                                           Strategically things are not better. If  and Foreign Affairs and the
                                           Trump and Putin reach an agreement,      Ministry of Defence.

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