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                the Trump

                                           Anders Fogh Rasmussen

 Anders Fogh Rasmussen is former           populist movements; they should            solution to a real problem. NATO
 NATO Secretary General and                not give in, but adjust their policies     is perfectly placed to keep Europe
 former Prime Minister of Denmark.         accordingly. For too long populist         safe. What we need is more defence
 He has been at the centre of              parties have enjoyed a monopoly on         spending. Meanwhile, instead of
 European and global politics for          what I would call identity politics. It    focusing on political paper tigers, the
 three decades and has achieved            is quite evident that culture, religion    EU should put its weight behind issues
 extraordinary diplomatic success.         and identity still do matter. So does      close to people’s hearts and minds:
                                           an international outlook. This is why      fixing EU’s migration system, boosting
Behind the official greetings,             mainstream politicians across the          Europe’s economic performance and
           European capitals are           world are scrambling for ideas on how      turning the continent into a global
           holding their breath about      to bridge the gap and balance both.        innovation hub.
 the consequences of the American          This battle may go on for decades. It
 elections. With Trump, Brexit no          will have a profound impact not only       Third, showing that putting ‘America
 longer looks like an isolated event.      on governments and societies – but         first’ does not mean ‘putting US
 It is now clear that the entire liberal   on free trade, the EU and business         leadership last’ will be critical. The
 system is under great pressure. There     regulation. In order to reduce this        need to make globalisation deliver for
 is the immediate danger of a populist     risk, mainstream forces should hold        the many, and not just the few, has
 wave hitting Europe with forthcoming      populist parties accountable. From my      turned into the key battleground of
 elections or referenda in Netherlands,    time, as prime minister of Denmark         the 21st century. If we fail to win
 the Czech Republic, France and            I have experienced that once you           this battle, our countries will gradually
 Germany. 2017 will be a highly political  invite populist parties to be part of the  become more inward looking and less
 and volatile year for Europe. But         nitty-gritty work of governing, they will  prosperous. Europe will need to
 hoping that the storm passes is not a     discover the ‘art of the deal’ and their   adjust to this new reality; and
 sound strategy; a liberal awakening is    election pledges will become less toxic.   President Trump may soon realise
 needed.                                                                              that there is no discrepancy between
                                           Second, Euro-Atlantic institutions like    ‘America first’ and US leadership – in
 First, the ‘political centre’ should      NATO and the EU, will need to focus on     fact US global leadership is the most
 reconnect with the people who feel        core business. The ongoing discussion      effective catalyst of US influence and
 lost, angry or merely inspired by         about an EU defence union is a wrong       interests. n

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