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                               What You Say About OUR SPEAKERS

“Steve Wozniak                      “Boris Becker’s                     “Our CIO symposium
        was wonderful at                    keynote about the                   attendees thought
        our recent C-Level                  core of change and                  Lynda Gratton was
        Summit. The Q&A                     positively affecting                superb. She was so
        Session with him was                outcomes was truly                  incisive in her digital
        brilliant and very                  inspiring. The VPs                  transformation and
        insightful, everyone                and Directors at our                leadership keynote
        relaxed and he even                 Summit were wowed –                 and really focused
        stayed late to chat                 not an easy feat.                   on leadership and the
        and sign books. What                                                    future of work.
        a success!                          — Global Technology Leader
                                                                                  — Research and Advisory
        — Global Business Advisory                                                Corporation

                                    What You Say About CSA

“Excellent service                  “You are always very                “Your service is always
        and yet again you                   professional, friendly              excellent, and you
        have provided us with               and helpful, with                   are great at letting
        another inspirational               great communication                 me know when you
        speaker.                            at all times.                       need something from
         — Global Insurance                 — Construction Company
          Providers                                                             — ERP Solutions Providers

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