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    The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think That
    They Can Change the World, Are The Ones Who Do

             The desire to achieve success is inherent in every human being. It is the desire to grow, do more, achieve more and
             to make one’s dreams come true. Satisfaction depends not merely on having goals, but on having the right goals. The
             most successful companies focus on this and on motivation – how to inspire it, how to sustain it and how it can lead to

             Motivation and inspiration can come from many different sources. There are game-changing people around the world.
             Steve Jobs once said: “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
             They are the people who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. Most leaders who
             hope to inspire and motivate their teams utilise a combination of mainly four traits. They provide a clear picture of the
             future and communicate this to their team. They create positive relationships with their teams, connecting emotionally
             to people. They display a focused pursuit to drive things on time and keep themselves accountable for performance.
             They are principled – they provide a powerful role model of doing the right things in the right way. This is demonstrated
             in all areas of business, the arts, media and sport, to name but a few. We feature just a few of them here. They all
             change the world in their own way. n

Boris Brott is founder of the Symphony                           Benjamin Zander is conductor of the

Nova Scotia and one of the most internationally                  Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston
recognised Canadian conductors. He enjoys                        Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. He fundraises,
an international career as guest conductor,                      so that his Youth Orchestra can travel around
educator and cultural ambassador. He works                       the world, sharing their hugely skilful level of
with corporate audiences, drawing comparisons                    playing. Benjamin’s approach is different and he
between business organisations and symphony                      shares this with the corporate mind. He takes
orchestras. He inspires audiences by taking                      audiences on a journey that offers a startling
them out of their comfort zones and immersing                    new perspective on leadership. Through stories,
them into a full symphony orchestra recital,                     music and concepts he causes a radical shift in
playing their own musical tonebar.                               perception.

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