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Pierluigi Collina is one of the most                             Dr Gregory Stock is one of the world’s

recognisable celebrities on the planet. He has                   leading authorities on genomics and biotech.
been voted the world’s greatest football referee                 Gregory is a biotech entrepreneur, bioethicist
on numerous occasions and received many                          and public communicator on the broad impacts
awards. He is uniquely respected by the players,                 of genomics and other advanced technologies
managers and fans where his calm authority and                   now reshaping medicine. He is a ground-
sense of fair play under great pressure made                     breaking scientist, with an inspirational
him the best in the world’s most popular sport.                  and compelling vision of the far-reaching
His dedication to the role, as well as having                    consequences of the biotech and infotech
been a FIFA Ambassador, helps explain his                        revolutions. He provides clear perspective on
inspirational status across the globe.                           the challenges of big-data and digital health.

Not only is Bruce Dickinson lead singer                          Nick Fry is the former CEO and co-owner of

of Iron Maiden, he is a hugely successful,                       Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 and was responsible
inspirational businessman. He is a serial                        for building the teams that won F1 Drivers and
entrepreneur, creative business thinker, pilot                   Constructors Championships. Nick’s career has
and Chairman of Cardiff Aviation, helping                        covered the automotive industry, from Ford
countries develop their commercial airlines with                 through to Aston Martin, which he modernised,
their ‘airline in a box’ concept. He thrives on                  retaining quality and high performance, through
challenges, embracing them all as opportunities                  to diversification into engineering services as
and ignites this passion in business audiences                   well as winning World Rally Championships. His
around the world.                                                strategic leadership and team motivational skills
                                                                 are second to none.

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