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Oscar van Weerdenburg

Authority on Intercultural Business

Oscar van Weerdenburg is a senior coach and global consultant working with a wide range of blue-chip companies who operate in a complex multicultural environment. His aim is to make people curious about cultural differences, to allow them to see that it can be energising to explore different perspectives on the same situation.

"Creative thinker and problem-solver focusing on intercultural businesses"

Oscar van Weerdenburg


Oscar van Weerdenburg has worked with international companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, HSBC, Qantas, BASF, DaimlerChrysler, ABN AMRO, PepsiCo and Goldman Sachs. In particular, he has been involved in various leadership development programs using a range of instruments for assessing cultural differences and analysing dilemmas. He is also a visiting professor on the Executive Education Programs of INSEAD and has lectured at the Michigan Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management.

Seine Vorträge

Oscar van Weerdenburg's presentations are invaluable for managers' awareness that they are operating in a complex multicultural environment. Drawing on many years of global business experience, he builds his presentations around real-life examples of businesspeople facing tough cross-cultural issues and choices.

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Oscar never fails to engage his audience with his dry humour, enabling them to see him as an entertaining and engaging speaker.


He presents in English, German and Dutch.

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  • Diversity and Team Development
  • International Negotiations
  • Managing Cultural Differences
  • Global Leadership Development


  • 2014
    Intercultural Readiness: Four Competences for Working Across Cultures

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