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Dr Chris Brauer

Director of Innovation in the Institute of Management Studies

Dr Chris Brauer is a public academic and Director of Innovation in the Institute of Management Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is a world-renowned researcher specialising in high-impact studies at the intersections of human behaviour, emerging technologies, and socioeconomic change.

"A globally respected expert on technologies of the future, and the Digital Revolution"

Dr Chris Brauer


Dr. Chris' research has featured in over 400 media outlets worldwide including the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC Newsnight, BBC Click, CNN, CNBC, China Central TV, Forbes, USA Today, Globo, NPR, and the Sunday Times. All of his research is conducted in collaboration with industry partners including leading research on the Science of Common Ground for the award-winning Heineken 'Open your World' campaign, exploring the Future of Experience with Adobe, analysing the impact of AI on jobs, tasks and workforce productivity with IBM Watson and IPSoft, leading Microsoft's annual digital transformation research, and conducting the world's largest experiment on driver behaviour in 10 countries with Shell.

Seine Vorträge

Dr Chris brings to life his animated and energising public speaking engagements through data and real-world examples from his and other research on topics ranging from artificial intelligence automation and augmentation to digital transformation and behavioural economics.

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Dr. Chris' tailored presentations are filled with useful actionable information aimed specifically at advising leading global companies.


He presents in English.

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  • Human Behaviour
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  • How to be Resilient and Gritty


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