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Matthias Horx

German Futurist

Matthias Horx is a German trend analyst and futurist. For more than 20 years, he has been avidly following the change processes in our society. He works as a consultant for a number of well-known companies, runs his own institute with offices in Frankfurt and Vienna, and is the publisher of a futurology newsletter called 2000x.

"Matthias Horx is without a doubt the most influential futurist in the German- speaking world."

Matthias Horx

In detail

He studied sociology in Frankfurt and in the 1980's he embarked on a career in journalism. Between 1980 and 1992, he worked as author and editor on the magazines Tempo, Die Zeit and Merian. Horx was interested in science-fiction, value change, youth cultures, new technologies and during this time laid the foundations for his future profession. In 1993, he founded the Trendbüro Hamburg with Peter Wippermann and five years later Matthias Horx founded the Zukunftsinstitut.

What he offers you

In his presentations, he approaches themes from the perspectives of the long-term-mega trends which are changing the world we live in. He creates optimism, poses provocative questions and challenges conventional thinking patterns through his entertaining speeches filled with humorous anecdotes.

How he presents

Innovative, inventive, forward thinking and trend setting Matthias Horx challenges audiences with his brilliantly formulated presentations.


He presents in English or German.

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  • The Principle of Future Fitness
  • The Future of Society
  • The Power of Mega Trends
  • Future Markets, Future Business
  • Technolution
  • Globalisation


  • Matthias is really recommendable. He has an excellent style and is a visionary - Electronic Components Manufacturer


  • 2006
    How We Will Live. A Synthesis of Life in the Future
    Wie wir leben werden. Unsere Zukunft beginnt jetzt.
  • 2003
    Future Fitness - Wie Sie Ihre Zukunftskompetenz erhöhen. Ein Handbuch für Entscheider
  • 2002
    Die acht Sphären der Zukunft. Ein Wegweiser in die Kultur des 21. Jahrhunderts
  • 2001
    Smart Capitalism. Das Ende der Ausbeutung
  • 2000
    Das Zukunfts- Manifest. Aufbruch aus der Jammerkultur
  • 1997
    New Work. Wie man in Zukunft Karriere macht

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