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Tanmay Bakshi

AI Prodigy & Tech Evangelist

Tanmay Bakshi is a Canadian software developer, known for his expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He gained recognition at a very young age for his passion in coding and became the world’s youngest IBM Watson programmer.

"Highly talented Software/Cognitive Developer, Honarary IBM Cloud Advisor"

Tanmay Bakshi

In detail

Tanmay Bakshi, an AI & Application Architect and IBM & Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, embarked on his coding journey at the age of five. By nine, he had already published an iOS app and went on to make groundbreaking contributions, including revolutionising the McDonald's drive-thru experience with IBM. His innovative creations span music-enhancing apps, heartbeat-based identification, and decoding mental states through EEG data. He's been honoured with accolades like the Young Edison Award and Life Mentor Award, all while serving as a Global Goodwill Ambassador who shares his tech insights through social media, teaching, writing, and global speaking engagements. With his Tech Life Skills livestream series, Tanmay provides a valuable platform for tech experts to impart their wisdom to a diverse audience, spanning developers, students, and business executives.

What he offers you

Driven by his unwavering commitment to enhance humanity and facilitate positive change, Tanmay Bakshi remains dedicated to sharing his profound knowledge and shaping the world through technology. With his exceptional expertise and resolute determination, he continues to motivate others to leverage technology for the greater good.

How he presents

Known for his genuine enthusiasm and infectious passion for technology and AI, Tanmay ignites inspiration in audiences all over the world.


He presents in English.

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  • Cognitive Computing
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Everyone Can Code


  • 2021
    Tanmay Teaches Go: The Ideal Language for Backend Developers
  • 2019
    Hello Swift!: iOS App Programming for Kids and Other Beginners
  • Tanmay Teaches Julia for Beginners: A Springboard to Machine Learning for All Ages
  • Cognitive Computing with IBM Watson: Build Smart Applications Using Artificial Intelligence as a Service
  • 2016
    Hello Swift!

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