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Prof. Dr. Hans-Olaf Henkel

Former President of the Federal Association of German Industries and Chairman of IBM

Hans-Olaf Henkel is Professor of Business Economics at the University of Mannheim. Previously he was Chairman of IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa and President of the Association of German Industries (1995-2000). He is currently President of the Leibniz Association, an organisation which works in a number of areas including education, science, and research.

One of Germany's most courageous, resourceful and respected business leaders.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Olaf Henkel

In detail

He joined IBM Germany in 1962 and after holding various executive positions in the U.S., East Asia and Germany, as well as at European headquarters he was appointed President of IBM Germany in January 1987. In 1993 he became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IBM Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This was followed in 1994 by his election as "President of the Federation of German Industries" (BDI), ostensibly the most powerful industry association in Germany.

What he offers you

Prof. Dr. Hans-Olaf Henkel is not only one of the most respected top managers in Germany's business scene, moreover, during his many years at IBM and as President of the Federal Association of German Industries (BDI), he witnessed and contributed significantly to the successful development of European industry at large.

How he presents

A remarkable and unique personality, Dr Henkel makes a fascinating speaker who never fails to capture his audiences' full attention.


He presents in German or English.

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  • Globalisation - A Challenge for the Economy
  • The Future of Europe: Integration and Mobility
  • The Ethics of Success
  • Reality and Visions, Europe's Industry and the Euro
  • The Opportunities of Free Markets
  • Germany's Position in Global Markets
  • The Competitive Society
  • The Power of Renewal


  • 2004
    Die Kraft des Neubeginns (The Power of Renewal
  • 2002
    Die Ethik des Erfolges (The Ethics of Success)
  • 2000
    Die Macht der Freiheit - Erinnerungen, (The Power of Freedom, Memories)
  • 1998
    Jetzt oder nie. Ein Bündnis für Nachhaltigkeit in der Politik (Now or Never, a Pact for Political Stability)

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