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Olivier Oullier Ph.D.

Neurotech Entrepreneur, Investor & Brain Scientist

Olivier Oullier is the co-founder of Inclusive Brains, a company developing digital twins of the human brain and brain computer interfaces to empower people suffering from disabilities to study and (re)join the workforce. He is also chief Science Officer at Optivio, a Boston-based company leveraging multimodal data to measure, predict and manage stress.

"Named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum"

Olivier Oullier Ph.D.

In detail

Prof. Oullier is the former President of EMOTIV, the global leader of personalised neuroinformatics and the former Global Head of Strategy in Health and Healthcare and Member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum. Olivier currently writes a column on neurotechnologies ?This is your brain on business? in Fortune Magazine. He designs, implements and evaluates evidence-informed multi-scale behaviour and system change strategies for organisations. He has developed a proprietary methodology allowing to assess the gap between intention (what people say/think they do) and action (what they do in their daily activities and environments).

What he offers you

Olivier's unique field, consulting and academic experience allows him to introduce the concepts of 'social neuromarketing' and 'embodied economics' as new ways to consider insights from the real life of human beings to design realistic strategies and nudges to improve people's life and the functioning of corporations.

How he presents

Olivier's presentations are customised to fit the needs of the clients to whom he is speaking. His messages are powerful and effective, delivered in his personal, yet highly professional style.


He presents in English and French.

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  • Machine-Human Interfaces and the Metaverse
  • The Future of Work - Adaptive Workplaces
  • Neural Rights, Ethics
  • Inclusive Minds
  • Consumer Behaviour


  • 2010
    Nouvelles Approches de la Prévention en Santé Publique : L'Apport des Sciences Comportementales, Cognitives et des Neurosciences

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