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Mission                                    customer and align all of your activities  for “support departments” who claim
Critical:                                  against this!                              not to be customer facing).
Decision                                   This was easy in P&G as it was part        3.Stop as many projects as
Making to                                  of the culture. However, on leaving              possible. At Eurostar, when
your Business                              P&G, it became clear that the real
Goals                                      decision making challenge was, not in      your business is losing several million
                                           identifying the right thing to do for the  pounds, it is easy to develop a long
HAMISH TAYLOR                              customer, but in getting confidence        list of perfectly justifiable projects. I
                                           that the decision-making by the            did this …. and failed. However, one
When I started my career as a Brand        rest of your team was properly             thing was more important than all else
Manager with Procter & Gamble,             aligned to this goal.                      – Leisure revenue. So what if that is
the standard currency for a Brand’s                                                   the only thing we do for the next few
performance was market share.              Here are some lessons I learned            months?
Why? Because winning the customer          (usually by getting it wrong first time)
preference battle was seen as the          in how to do this? The key? Ruthless       4.Communicate and re-
primary route to profit. As a result, the  simplicity!                                      communicate every day!
customer was seen as the key to
all decision making: - Identify the        1.Create a very simple                     Amongst other things, I put a note
“benefit” you wish to deliver to the            customer promise                      on my door: “if you are not coming
                                                                                      to talk to me about Leisure revenue,
                                           describing the customer benefit (eg        then don’t bother knocking!”. In other
                                           BA business class “Arrive Ready for        words, create every bit of “theatre”
                                           business”) and the 2-3 ways this would     you can to get your focus message
                                           show up for a customer (eg more            across.
                                           sleep, less airport hassle etc).
                                                                                      5.Make it Easy:- Even if you have
                                           2.Align all departments                           done a brilliant communication job
                                                 behind this (what is your role?).    – it is not enough. You also need to
                                                                                      find ways of helping staff to implement
                                           Regardless of technical discipline,        your decisions. You are asking your
                                           ensure everyone’s job description and      staff to do something new – so help
                                           workload is focused on this (no escape     them to take the first steps. n

                                                                                      HAMISH TAYLOR has been a
                                                                                      management consultant at Price
                                                                                      Waterhouse, Head of Brands at
                                                                                      British Airways and CEO of Eurostar
                                                                                      and Sainsbury’s Bank. He is a
                                                                                      driver of innovation and change
                                                                                      in a number of very different

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