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All About Brexit

Now that the Olympics in Rio              “Change always gives you the               Populist politicians will have a hard
            have finished and the summer  opportunity to rethink your potential.     time when they get elected since
            is drawing to a close, the    While not many people get an               problems like extreme ideologies and
 focus is naturally turning back to       opportunity to “reset” their life, Brexit  fierce competition among workers
 Brexit and what challenges and           has now opened the door for a whole        doesn’t care about borders in a
 opportunities may face not only          society to break away from paper           network society. Nor do opportunities
 those in the UK, but around the          basket bureaucracy and C-suites and        that come with globalization and
 globe, from an economic, political       politicians who are managing the           digitalization, so stay away from
 and social perspective.                  world with a limited understanding and     negativism and focus on what’s really
                                          thereby underutilizing the potential       going on. Software will disrupt most
 We include comments here from just       of digital technology in almost every      traditional industries in the next
 a few of the individuals who have        area. The UK now holds the key to          10 years and with that most of
 insight into the world post-Brexit.      alter the perception of society, and       today’s jobs will disappear. This is
 Nouriel Roubini is a professor at        design the technology to redefine          creating social problems and stress
 NYU’s Stern School of Business           life. From digital citizenship to digital  but it is actually great news for the
 and Chairman of Roubini Macro            currency, from new economic models         future. We need disruptive change to
 Associates. He has worked for the        to the digital augmentation of every       battle serious problems like climate
 IMF, the US Federal Reserve and          aspect of life, the UK can now build       change, sustainable energy and
 the World Bank. Here is the latest       new infrastructure that is anchored in     economic inequality and I can assure
 article he has penned.                   the future.”                               you we will have it. As a futurist I
                                                                                     travel the world and meet with leaders
 Aric Dromi is the chief                  Stefan Hyttfors is an acclaimed            from all industries to learn about
 futurologist at Volvo Group and          futurist who focuses on                    new technologies and behavioral
 digital philosopher, covering            disruptive technologies,                   changes.” n
 trend activity across areas such         behavioural change and next
 as science and technology and            generation leadership.
 environmental issues.
                                          “Brexit might look very negative when
                                          you think about the next quarter but
                                          not necessarily if you try the next
                                          quarter century-perspective.
                                          Nationalism, borders and walls are
                                          on the rise among voters but that
                                          doesn't change the fact; we already
                                          live in a borderless virtual reality
                                          where just about anything can be done
                                          in cyberspace with a mobile phone,
                                          and this is just the beginning of the

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