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     Why Women
 Make The Most


Ray Hammond is Europe’s most             aggressive and dominant board-room        backed early-stage businesses.
experienced and most widely              performances. You will have seen
published futurologist. For over 30      competing alpha males in action – it’s    Men also make the most inspiring and
years he has researched, written         not a pleasant or efficient exhibition.   charismatic leaders – because it’s a
and spoken about how future              We’ve inherited this from the             natural human trait to admire heroic
trends will affect society and           imperatives of our evolutionary past.     risk-takers. But that approach can
business.                                Of course there are exceptions in both    be very dangerous for an established
                                         genders; I’ve come up against women       business.
Ihave now served on company              who were impossibly opinionated
    boards continuously since 1974. In   and uber-dominant, just as I’ve met       I have argued for more women in the
    those 40-odd years one thing I have  – and worked with – experienced           boardroom since the 1970s and on the
learned is that women leaders and        male executives who are considerate,      current board of which I’m chairman
decision-makers are generally superior   thoughtful and thorough.                  (a sizeable property company in
to men.                                                                            London) women outnumber men
                                         But in general I would always pick        two-to-one. I am very grateful for it.
Few women bring their egos into          a woman as CEO of an established          Calm, thorough and knowledgeable
the board room, or into deal-            business over a similarly qualified male  decision making is the usual signature
making. Many men directors seem          rival.                                    of today’s professional female director.
incapable of the rational, common
sense pragmatism that is regularly       The one place where I know men to be      I’m delighted that we may soon have
practised by women with executive        more successful as corporate leaders      female leaders in three of the largest
responsibility.                          is in the start-up phase or when a        world economies. I welcome this in
                                         business is going for explosive growth.   the knowledge that when the going
Men feel they are constantly competing   Men indulge in the sort of risk-taking    gets tough men try to act tough whilst
and their personal measure of self-      and hubristic visioning that most         women get thoughtful. From long
worth often seems to accrue from         women would avoid – something that’s      experience, I know which works
                                         very necessary in a start-up or in VC-    best. n

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