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Anders Fogh                         Prime Minister of Denmark, has superb       Arab Spring, the Iranian nuclear deal,
Rasmussen                           international credentials, enabling         the Russian annexation of Crimea and
Asks if the                         him to deliver unique insights into         invasion of Ukraine and America’s
United States                       upcoming geopolitical trends and            response to them. He looks at the
of America                          international hotspots. It is this, along   qualities of former US Presidents, along
Still Has the                       with his outstanding abilities, which       with those of other world leaders he
Will to Lead                        make him recognised as a hugely             has come to know, and puts forward
                                    respected voice in international politics.  a bold plan for how the US and other
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former       Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s new book,           nations around the globe can join
NATO Secretary General, and former  being published in September, is The        together to overcome tyranny.
                                    Will to Lead: America’s Indispensable
                                    Role in the Global Fight for Freedom.       He spoke to correspondent, anchor
                                    It is an impassioned plea to persuade       and financial editor for CNN Todd
                                    Americans to elect a President who          Benjamin recently about his book,
                                    will restore America to its proper role     along with other key topics, such as
                                    of global leader, instead of ‘leading       the importance of the Middle East. n
                                    from behind’. Rasmussen reviews and
                                    critically analyses events such as the

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