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We Need
to Lead!


Company performance is the                 resorted to more compelling means           available or qualified for company
           best advocate of the business   under the form of a European directive      boards, Viviane Reding in 2012
           argument for more women         that imposed a target of 40% presence       initiated with a group of like-
 in senior decision-making. Where          of the under-represented sex among          minded professionals the creation
 gender-diversity is actively pursued,     non-executive directors of listed           of the “Global Board Ready Women”
 companies perform better. Various         companies. Even though the actual           database, counting 8000 highly
 studies have shown that mirroring a       proposal is still being blocked in the      qualified women – a network that
 market where women control around         Council of Ministers (never mind the        has been growing ever since. In
 70% of consumer spending decisions,       ringing endorsement it received from        2014 Reding was presented with the
 leads to increased market insights        the European Parliament), it has been       Global Women’s Leadership Award
 into consumer choices and behaviour,      a political impulse that has caused a       by the Global Summit of Women,
 and to a more creative and diversified    game-changing ripple-effect in Europe.      among others as a recognition of her
 decision-making process. But if the       Many Member States adopted national         unwavering commitment to further
 growing consensus on the need for         legislation in the spirit of her proposal.  equality and diversity. It is a tribute
 more women in leadership has today        Consequently the representation             to the force of political impulsion to
 caused the glass-ceiling to crack, it is  of women in senior positions has            bring about the much needed societal
 in large part due to political impulsion  dramatically improved. Over the             change to tap into the huge global pool
 and agenda-setting.                       period 2010-2015, the presence of           of female talent. n
                                           women on company boards increased
 As then Vice-President of the European    from 11,9% to 21,2%.                        VIVIANE REDING is a formidable
 Commission, Viviane Reding saw                                                        force in the world of European
 in 2012 that her initiative of self-      But for this evolution on company           politics. She currently sits on the
 regulation through a voluntary “Women     boards, a revolution in people’s            European Parliament. She writes
 on the Board Pledge for Europe” wasn’t    mindsets was needed. To shatter             here about the need for more
 producing the desired results. She        the myth that there are no women            senior women decision-makers.

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