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We asked a number of CEOs, boardroom advisers and leading business figures for their views on what they feel
are the most important topics for businesses to address based on their experiences as well as their personal
views around CEOs’ challenges and successes. We feature just three of them here – Don Strickland, Noreena
Hertz and Hamish Taylor. We hope you find their comments interesting and illuminating.

Dissenting Views               Noreena Hertz is a visionary             Yet a vast body of research now points
can make us                    economist, strategist, best-selling      to the import of contemplating diverse,
Smarter Decision-              author and thinker whose economic        dissenting views. Not just in terms of
Makers                         predictions have consistently been       making us more rounded individuals
                               accurate. She advises some of the        but in terms of making us smarter
Noreena Hertz                  world’s top CEOs on economic,            decision-makers.
                               geopolitical and technological           Dissent, it turns out, has a significant
                               trends and business decisions. Most      value.
                               recently she has been appointed
                               ITV’s new economics editor.              When group members are actively
                                                                        encouraged to openly express
                               We are drawn to those who echo what      divergent opinions they not only share
                               it is we already believe. We get a       more information, they consider it
                               dopamine rush when we are presented      more systematically and in a more
                               with confirming data similar to what     balanced and less biased way. When
                               we get when we eat chocolate or fall in  people engage with those with
                               love. On Facebook we defriend those      different opinions and views from their
                               with different political views to our    own they become much more capable
                               own. On Twitter we follow people just    of properly interrogating critical
                               like us.                                 assumptions and identifying creative

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