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       Philippe Petit

                             A Man Who Risks the Impossible

Philippe Petit is most famous for
being the man who electrified New
York City and the world with his early
morning, phenomenally risk-taking,
high wire walk between the twin
towers in 1974.

His feat was no spur-of-the-               unconventional ways of going about      subjects often neglected in traditional
            moment fluke, but the result   the artistic endeavour. His strategies  education and rarely encouraged in
            of six years of globetrotting  and insights resonate with performers   today's professional world: embracing
 preparation abetted by a motley crew      of every stripe, practitioners of       risk, passion, tenacity, intuition, faith,
 of accomplices. Philippe’s memoir,        the non-performing arts, and            dealing with mistakes, re-inventing
 To Reach the Clouds, recounting the       professionals in search of new ways of  problem solving and cheating the
 “coup” is the basis for the Academy       meeting challenges.                     impossible.
 Award-winning documentary Man on
 Wire as well as the recent 3-D feature    He has a unique way of displaying       One of the greatest challenges today
 film, The Walk, directed by Robert        his singular creativity process. In a   is the need to manage risk and
 Zemeckis.                                 visual and dynamic style, he combines   Philippe demonstrates in the most
                                           storytelling, demonstrations,           breath-taking way how to navigate
 Since his clandestine walk between        drawings, audience participation,       through this complex matrix. n
 the twin towers, Philippe Petit has       and even magic tricks to address
 performed more than 80 high wire-
 walks around the world including
 Tokyo, Jerusalem, Paris, Sydney and
 New York City, many of which are
 high wire plays uniquely, conceived,
 directed and performed by Philippe on
 the high wire. He has been an Artist-
 in-Residence at the Cathedral Church
 of St John the Divine—the largest
 Gothic Cathedral in the world—in New
 York City for more than 30 years.

 Renaissance man, Philippe Petit is a
 High Wire Artist, Street Performer,
 Magician, Visual Artist, Lecturer,
 Builder, risk taker and the author of
 10 books. Philippe reveals fresh and

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