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Paulo Portas

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal

Paulo Portas is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal and a prominent media and political figure, who has, since the 1990s, been a leading conservative politician. The minority CDS-PP formed part of the Portuguese government for two terms after obtaining some of its best ever election results.

"A respected European Politician"

Paulo Portas


Mr. Portas is a lawyer from the Portuguese Catholic University and has had a number of positions within the government sector. These include: Minister of State, National Defence and Sea Affairs (2002 to 2004) and Member of the Council of State (2002 to 2005). After ceasing in his functions as Deputy Prime-Minister in November 2015, he also announced his resignation from the CDS-PP Party leadership. Accordingly, in March 2016, Paulo Portas stepped down of his CDS-PP party. Shortly afterwards, he became vice-president of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, a position that allowed him to continue travelling to promote Portuguese enterprises abroad.

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Mr. Portas shares with audiences his unique understanding and insights drawing upon his experience of Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal. He delivers valuable speeches on international relationships, global current affairs and leadership.

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Mr. Portas has excellent leadership skills and outstanding knowledge as a European politician during tough times. He is a sought after speaker at prestigious events around the world.


He presents in English and Portuguese.

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  • Global Current Affairs
  • International Relations Europe and its Future
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  • Europe and its Future

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