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Prof Klaus Schweinsberg

Expert on Strategic Leadership and Economic Policy

Klaus Schweinsberg is an acknowledged expert, author and top international management adviser on strategic leadership and economic policy. Founder and Chairman of the Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership, he also teaches at several universities.

"The Young Global Leaders form a powerful international community that can dramatically impact the global future"

Prof Klaus Schweinsberg


Klaus studied Economics and Communications at universities in Switzerland, Italy and Scotland, obtaining his Ph.D. in political economy. He started his career at Bertelsmann Publishing as Editor in Chief and Managing Editor and at the Financial Times Group. Since 2009 he is Professor for Strategy and Leadership in Cologne. Klaus has been teaching at several universities and at the General Staff College of the German Armed Forces. He is a partner of Munich Security Conference and member of the Governance Commission for family owned enterprises. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of HSBC Trinkaus and the Vatican based CAAP foundation. In 2009 he was elected Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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Drawing from his extensive experiences as personal advisor and member of various supervisory boards, Klaus offers audiences an inside view of current economic trends. With a wealth of research at his disposal, he also offers audiences essential the essential tools and proven strategies designed to help organisations gain a competitive advantage in the current economic climate.

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Regularly invited to appear on TV, Klaus is a dynamic and engaging speaker and has a reputation for delivering even the most complex economic issues in an easily digestible format. He is also a highly versatile and accomplished conference host.


Vorträge hält er auf Deutsch Englisch, Französisch und Italienisch. Moderationen in deutscher, englischer und französischer Sprache.

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  • 2014
    Anständig Führen. Management in Zeiten der Ungewissheit
  • 2010
    Unser Weg in den Systemkollaps



Prof Klaus Schweinsberg

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