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Kirk Vallis

Creativity Leader, Coach and Behaviour Change Agent

Kirk Vallis is Google's Head of Creativity Development. He helps Googlers across the world to understand what it is about the approach, but vitally, the behaviours, that teams and individuals exhibit that time and again result in an awesome piece of innovation, a fresh way to solve a problem, or simply positive change.

"An expert in the development and harnessing of creativity and innovation within the work place"

Kirk Vallis


Kirk also acts as an advisor, mentor and public speaker. His ongoing relationships include Adidas, Mastercard and Intuit, where he helps these diverse organisations to embed creativity as a critical skill in their toolkit for everything from daily problem solving to disrupting their own business models. He also combines his expertise in creativity with his passion for sport, currently delivering modules dedicated to creative leadership, as part of elite level programmes within England Rugby and the English Football Association. He is also an ambassador for Women Ahead and Moving Ahead, social enterprises focussed on helping drive greater diversity in business and the leadership of sport.

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Kirk delivers masterclasses and keynote speeches with a notable emphasis on encouraging leaders to identify and appreciate the unique potential of every individual within an organisation. He develops programmes for enhancing the relationship between culture and innovation, and creating and delivering the training to help individuals best realise their potential.

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Kirk's presentations are filled with real corporate applicable lessons. Audiences benefit from his high content, inspirational speeches, naturally and powerfully delivered.


He presents in English.

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  • Creativity: the Most Undervalued Skill in the World
  • Creativity as an Everyday Critical Business Tool
  • Disrupt or Be Disrupted, It's your Choice
  • Creative Leadership: Setting the Right Conditions for a Creative Culture
  • Big Picture, Little Deeds: Iconic Leadership Actions that Unlock Ideas in Everyone

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