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Kate Sweetman

Author & Business Strategist and Leadership Authority

Kate Sweetman believes that the world is overdue for a major leadership upgrade: full stop. Too many companies are relying on old "software" as they try to incorporate new technologies, business models, and, yes, millennials. Her research shows a new way forward.

"Companies are trying to succeed in the 4th Industrial Revolution with 1.0 cultural software."

Kate Sweetman


Kate is a former editor at Harvard Business Review, two time recipient of Thinkers50 designations, and a compelling speaker, advisor, facilitator, researcher and writer about leadership and change. Most recently, she conducted a global study in 40 countries and 59 different industries to answer the pressing question: "How do you lead in the Age of Disruption?" Kate's book 'Reinvention' received the International Best Book Award in 2016; her 2009 book 'Leadership Code' has sold over 60,000 copies. Her articles have appeared in HBR, Sloan Management Review, Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and a host of other publications around the globe.

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A high energy, well-practiced, interactive, and credibly - researched answer to the key leadership question, brought alive by real-life stories, interactive exercises, compelling videos - all delivered at high energy with a quick wit. Kate's examples range around the world based on her own experience consulting in 25 countries, and can draw upon animating stories from virtually any industry - from fertilizers to LED lighting to financial services to pharmaceuticals and beyond.

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Kate presentations and workshops are exceptionally engaging and she equips her audiences with plenty of practical solutions.


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  • Leadership 3.0
  • Entrepreneurs as Leader-Accelerators
  • Reinvention: Thriving Personally and Organizationally in the Age of Disruption
  • Tough Times Need Tender Leadership
  • Creating Global Leaders: Leading the Many, Not the Few
  • Building a Community of Leaders
  • Building Leaders for the Future


  • 2016
    Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption (with Shane Cragun)
  • 2008
    Leadership Code (with Dave Ulrich und Norm Smallwood)



Kate Sweetman

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