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Daniel Sieberg

Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer at GoodTrust, Former Executive at Google & Huawei

Daniel Sieberg is Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at GoodTrust, a digital-legacy and end-of-life platform that uses AI, customizable UX and pragmatic and emotional pathways to preserve anyone's afterlife. Daniel is the author of The Digital Diet: and co-author of Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife.

"Our past, present and future will always be intertwined with technology"

Daniel Sieberg


Daniel previously spent several years as a senior executive at Google and Huawei and 12 years in news across ABC News, CBS News and CNN as an Emmy-nominated science and technology correspondent. During his time at Google, Daniel launched countless large-scale projects and is a graduate of the prestigious LEAD program. Sieberg has been nominated for five national News & Documentary Emmy Awards and he has appeared as a featured guest across the Discovery Channel, MSNBC, BBC News, NBC's Today Show; he also hosted dozens of episodes of CNN's sci-tech show NEXT@CNN and 40 episodes of "G Word" for Planet Green. He is on the Board of Trustees at Saybrook University and has advised multiple startups and Fortune 100 companies.

Seine Vorträge

Daniel has seen it all and developed a presentation style unique to himself: the role of tech philosopher. How do we make sense of any new technologies and ensure they are now only right for the times but right for us? What are the practical implications of future innovation and invention - beyond the gimmicks and gee whiz? Daniel cuts through the noise and unpacks all the developments from recent history but also looks ahead to what's next. His goal is to generate critical thinking and awareness when it comes to where we're headed in the 21st century. How should we apply anything new - and why?

Sein Vortragsstil

Daniel is your guide through the complexities of technology and speaks to advancements in language that both experts and amateurs alike can relate to.


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  • AGI - Artificial General Intelligence
  • Design Thinking, Growth Mindset
  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
  • Marketing Techniques Tomorrow
  • Healthy Tech and Healthcare
  • A.I. and Machine Learning
  • News You Can Use
  • Immersive Storytelling
  • Why I Left Google
  • Tech Philosopher
  • Digital Legacy


  • 2011
    The Digital Diet: the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life


Daniel Sieberg

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