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Alberto Alessi

International Design and Style Icon

Alberto Alessi is Managing Director of Alessi Spa and Head of marketing strategy, communication and design management. His design and technology expertise have seen the company become globally recognised for producing products which combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.

"Described as the Godfather of Italian product design"

Alberto Alessi


As the third generation of Alessi to run the business, Alberto was responsible for transforming the household-trade supplier of steel kitchen and dining ware into a brand known for style and substance. Combining quality and traditional functionality with modern materials and the latest in technology and style have seen the company grow to work with leading designers and have enabled it to become highly regarded on an international level. Products made by Alessi have a seemingly magic formula they draw consumers, enchanting them into accepting new design and to welcome technological advancement. He received the MBA Design Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Brooklyn Museum, New York and holds a number of honorary titles.

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Experience, enthusiasm and vision help Alberto Alessi to "intellectually and spiritually nourish" his clients, helping them to examine creativity and innovation in their approach to marketing and branding. Exploring the often fine line between opposing forces, like success and failure, he tempts you into a new world of possibilities.

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Alessi combines his creative ability with a shrewd business mind. This ability has made him a sought after speaker; stylish by name, nature and professional, this distinct personality will lift your spirit.


Alessi referiert auf Englisch und Italienisch.

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  • Innovation
  • Strategic Marketing and Design
  • Emotional Design
  • Internet Branding


  • 2011
    Singular & Plural
  • 2007
    Italy Now?: Country Positions in Architecture
  • 2003
    Tea & Coffee Towers
  • See the Entry: Bathroom
  • 1999
    Alessi (Design Monograph)
  • The Dream Factory
  • 1998
    Alessi: The Design Factory

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