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Sterling Anderson

Co-Founder of Aurora & Former Director of Tesla Autopilot

Sterling Anderson is a notable figure in the field of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. He led the design, development and launch of Tesla's award-winning Model X, before leading the team that delivered the first several generations of Tesla Autopilot, then co-founding Aurora, the world's leading independent developer of autonomous vehicle technologies.ies.

"A leading expert in self-driving technology"

Sterling Anderson

In detail

In the late 2000s, Sterling developed MIT's Intelligent Co-Pilot, paving the way for broad advances in cooperative control of human-machine systems. Subsequently recruited to McKinsey, then Tesla, Sterling has been advising world-class companies on their product development strategy and practice for many years, drawing on his experience as an operator leading the development of transformative products directly. In 2016, Sterling left Tesla to co-found Aurora, the world's leading self-driving technology company, which in 2021 went public valued at over $11 billion.

What he offers you

Sterling Anderson has both breadth and depth with his experiences in technology, innovation and future trends. He can speak to leading-edge developments across the spectrum and to various verticals over a wide range of categories.

How he presents

Sterling is not just a popular speaker; he's a relatable and engaging storyteller who weaves wisdom into his talks. With his captivating style, he doesn't just inform and entertain but also motivates global corporate audiences.


He presents in English.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • "What, Then, How" Realizing the Power of Right-to-Left Innovation
  • Delivering on the Promise of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Future Trends


  • Future Trends

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