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Rory Sutherland

Behavioural Science Alchemist

Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, which has allowed him to co-found a behavioural science practice within the agency. He works with a consulting practice of psychology graduates who look for 'unseen opportunities' in consumer behaviour which can have enormous effects on the decisions people make.

"Challenging conventional thinking in modern business"

Rory Sutherland

In detail

Before founding Ogilvy Change, Rory was a copywriter and creative director at Ogilvy for over 20 years, having joined as a graduate trainee. He has variously been President of the IPA, Chair of the Judges for the Direct Jury at Cannes, and has spoken at TED Global. He writes regular columns for the Spectator, Market Leader and Impact, and also occasional pieces for Wired,. With characteristic wit and erudition Rory looks at the successes, the failures and the outright bizarre from the ad world. He analyses what branding means, what creativity is, and the value of persuasion over compulsion. In particular he looks at behaviours - as individuals and groups, consumers and employees - and how we often make the wrong decisions, or the decisions others want us to make.

What he offers you

Rory's insights into behavioural science carved him the reputation of being ahead of the curve. His understanding of the possibilities of digital technology and the Internet powered his rise to his current standing as a leading light in commerce.

How he presents

Rory is a highly sought after thought leader. He can impart his wisdom for any organisation and shares his unique insights in the value of customer perception.


He presents in English.

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  • How to Design Transport for Humans
  • How Behavioural Science Will Change The World
  • Getting The Best of Behavioural Economics
  • How Ideas Are Created, Perceived, Consumed and Measured


  • 2021
    Transport for Humans: Are We Nearly There Yet?
  • 2019
    Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense
  • 2011
    Rory Sutherland: The Wiki Man

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