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Pierluigi Collina

The World's Greatest Football Referee

Pierluigi Collina is an Italian former football referee. He was named FIFA's "Best Referee of the Year" six consecutive times and is widely considered to be the greatest football referee of all time respected for the manner with which he treated players. He is the Chairman of FIFA Referees Committee.

"The best referee in the world" David Beckham

Pierluigi Collina

In detail

During his teenage years, Pierluigi played as a central defender for a local team, but was persuaded to take a referee's course, where it was discovered that he had a particular aptitude for the job. Within three years he was officiating at the highest level of regional matches, and after three seasons, he was promoted to officiating Serie B and Serie A matches. Pierluigi rapidly earned the respect of players under his control. No one dared challenge his judgements, and those who did were met with the infamous icy stare and indirectly reminded that Pierluigi always had the final word. Once he was placed on FIFA's Referees List, he was allocated five matches at the 1996 Olympic Games, reaching the pinnacle of his career, when he was chosen for the World Cup final, between Brazil and Germany.

What he offers you

Regarded as the best referee of all time and an iconic figure in the sporting world, Pierluigi offers audiences a glimpse of how he has reached the top of his trade and his dedication to the role which has brought him fame and celebrity. He explains how he became an official and what it takes to be the best and stay the best.

How he presents

Pierluigi presentations are inspirational and filled with anecdotes and humour. Often under the spotlight of the world's media he is highly professional and well used to dealing with the pressures of a live audience.


He presents in English and Italian.

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  • Insights into What it takes to be the Best in the World
  • The Importance of Preparation
  • How to Manage Conflict
  • Decision Making Under Pressure
  • Communication across Cultures


  • Pierluigi was excellent both during his presentation and his onstage interview. He was upbeat, humorous and informative and was extremely well received - Global Conference Organisers


  • 2003
    The Rules of the Game


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