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Drs. Patrick van Veen

Social Behaviour Expert, Founder of Apemanagement

Drs. Patrick van Veen's mission is to make managers and entrepreneurs aware of our biological behaviour. He advises companies, delivers speeches and organises corporate workshops on social behaviour and organises training sessions for managers, in co-operation with the Apenheul Zoo.

"Solving a problem begins with finding the cause" - Patrick van Veen

Drs. Patrick van Veen

In detail

Patrick van Veen studied Biology at the biology faculty of the University of Utrecht, graduating in 1993 in Social Biology. He then worked freelance for social organisations, the government and the University of Utrecht. In 1996, he made a radical turn. He decided to pursue a real career this time and joined an insurance company, where he held various positions, studied and specialised as a project manager. He took part in a management development program. In 2002, he became an independent biologist again and started his own company.

What he offers you

In his pioneering presentations, Patrick van Veen shows how an important part of our behaviour is determined by the same impulses that determine the social behaviour of apes. In his fascinating speeches full of actionable messages, Patrick addresses questions like 'Why do we show certain behaviour?', and 'Why do problems arise?'

How he presents

Using humorous examples, Patrick van Veen draws parallels with ape social structures, helping decision makers create better communication within their organisations, in addition to helping them recognise and solve problems.


He presents in Dutch, English and German.

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  • Ape Tricks in the Workplace
  • A Mission from a Different Perspective
  • Biology in the Boardroom
  • Workshops / Masterclasses
  • Apemanagement
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Science


  • 2004
    Help! My boss is an ape, social behaviour in organisations from a biological perspective

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