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Greg Dyke

Chairman of the British Film Institute and Former Director General of the BBC

Greg Dyke was appointed Chairman of the British Film Institute in 2008. He was previously Director General of the BBC where he started four new digital television channels, five new digital radio channels, opened two new BBC regions, launched the BBC's interactive television services and helped create Freeview.

"Mr Dyke is an outstanding business speaker"

Greg Dyke

In detail

In 2004 he was formally appointed by the University of York as its new Chancellor. In this role, he is the honorific and ceremonial head of the University, as well as heading the University Development Board. In July 2004 Dyke was awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Sunderland and Middlesex University. Greg reversed the trend at the BBC which took employees away from making programmes and made them into managers. In doing so he reduced administration costs dramatically from 24% of total income to 15%. In 2005, he became chairman of HIT and in 2006, he became chairman of Brentford Football Club.

What he offers you

Mr Dyke is an outstanding business speaker, he speaks in detail about his leadership methods and how at the BBC he successfully improved programming, reduced costs and increased the cultural diversity of the BBC's work force.

How he presents

An ebullient and flamboyant speaker, Greg Dyke is in great demand by organisations eager to listen and benefit from his considerable expertise and insights.


Mr Dyke presents in English.

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  • Leadership
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Business Strategies
  • Inside Story: The Relationship Between the Government and the BBC


  • Greg gave an excellent performance, he was forthright and captured the audience's attention - Business Consulting Services


  • 2004
    Inside Story

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