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Harry Hamlin

Actor & New Technologies Entrepreneur

Harry Hamlin is best known for his roles in Clash of the Titans, the legal drama series L.A. Law and more recently Mad Men. As an advocate of a "clean" future, he co-founded TAE Technologies, lately joint by Jeffrey Immelt and partnered by Google.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a futurist"

Harry Hamlin

In detail

Harry got his big screen break when he starred in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans. In 1986, he starred on the NBC television drama L.A. Law for five years. For his recurring role on the AMC drama series Mad Men, Hamlin received a Primetime Emmy nomination. In addition to his Hollywood career, he is the co-founder of clean fusion energy tech startup, TAE Technologies a company with the core mission to create a new source of clean energy solely powered by nature's own processes and procedures without any harmful by- products. They embarked on their journey in 1998 with the end goal in mind which they call Friendly Fusion to combat the mounting effects of climate change.

What he offers you

Harry Hamlin offers prestige and vast media experience gained from his distinguished career in television and film. Highly committed to green energy solutions he tackles one of the world's biggest challenges: Climate Change. He demonstrates the need for strategies of change and shares his vision of how TAE Technologies have the potential to be a global solution to save the environment.

How he presents

Harry Hamlin presentations are fascinating and filled with anecdotes from his acting career. Most of all he enjoys to share his passion and vision for a cleaner future.


He presents in English.

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  • Future of the Planet
  • Climate Change
  • Green Energy Solutions
  • Awards


  • 2010
    Full Frontal Nudity


Harry Hamlin

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