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Fabian Westerheide

Entrepreneur & Investor for AI

Fabian Westerheide is a renowned entrepreneur and investor who has made his passion for Artificial Intelligence his professional life. As an expert in international AI strategies, AI ecosystems and AI networks, he supports governmental and private organisations such as the EU Commission and the European Space Agency.

"Digital Entrepreneur with passion for Artificial Intelligence"

Fabian Westerheide

In detail

With over 100 lectures on Artificial Intelligence as well as more than 50 guest articles and publications in renowned media such as Forbes, Handelsblatt, F.A.Z., Business Punk, Focus, t3n, WIRED, n-tv and Tagesspiegel, Fabian Westerheide is continuously committed to the dissemination of knowledge and ideas in the field of AI. He has organised the annual Rise of AI Conference in Berlin since 2016. This has become the central event on artificial intelligence in Germany, attracting hundreds of executives and thousands of online viewers. Fabian has been founder and managing director of Asgard Capital, an investment firm focused on B2B AI companies, since 2014.

What he offers you

In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, Fabian offers organisations seeking to navigate the complexities of AI with confidence, insight, and a forward-thinking approach. His contributions extend beyond information and services; they empower audiences to embrace the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence responsibly and ethically.

How he presents

In his captivating presentations, Fabian brings the world of Artificial Intelligence to life with unparalleled passion and expertise. With every word he utters and every slide he presents, Fabian ignites a spark of curiosity and fascination in his audience.


He presents in English & German.

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  • AI is Eating Our World
  • What is the Impact of AI on Society and Industry?
  • Will We have a Job Free Future?
  • How to Apply AI
  • Chances & Challenges in the Age of Machines
  • Venture Capital Basics
  • Experiences as Digital Entrepreneur

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