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Kevin Eyres

Former Managing Director Europe for LinkedIn

Kevin Eyres is a visionary business leader who has made a profound impact in the world of technology and digital connectivity. At LinkedIn he led their highly successful European growth strategy. He is the founder of Bray Ventures and board director of several companies.

"Kevin ranked 22nd in Wired Magazine's "The Wired 100" in 2010"

Kevin Eyres

In detail

Since his arrival in Europe in 2000, Kevin has overseen the international operations of three prominent Silicon Valley companies. He served as the General Manager of AltaVista International, spanning 14 countries. In 2005, he assumed the role of MD at SideStep, now known as Kayak, becoming their first employee outside the US. His next venture led him to LinkedIn in 2007, again as their first international employee. At LinkedIn, Kevin played a pivotal role in growing the member base from 14 million to over 100 million by April 2011. His leadership was instrumental in shaping and executing LinkedIn's international strategy, expanding its presence into eight countries. Kevin, currently an active angel investor and executive coach, also imparts his expertise at the Hoffmann Institute Foundation, guiding clients to recognise and reshape ingrained patterns and bad habits into empowering belief and behaviours.

What he offers you

In his presentations, Kevin extols the virtues of working together to achieve big goals. Well versed in multi-cultural companies doing business throughout Europe and Asia, his speech themes include Innovation and Growth, Leadership of Innovation and Hyper-growth and Transformation in the digital age.

How he presents

His high content presentations and excellent rhetoric skills make Kevin Eyres a highly sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences around the globe.


He presents in English.

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  • Innovation and Growth (The story of LinkedIn and Hyper-growth, from my Spare Bedroom in my London Flat to the IPO)
  • Hyper-Growth and Transformation (Company and Personal Insights into Culture)
  • Leadership of Innovation
  • The Emotional Side of Leadership

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