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Prof. Eddie Obeng

Founder of Pentacle Business School, World Authority on Project Management

Professor Eddie Obeng is Founder Director of Pentacle the world's first virtual business school and the first organisation to offer an integrated management approach specifically designed to meet the challenges of our fast changing, complex 21st Century.

"Energy meets thoughtfulness, innovation meets practicality - in one man"

Prof. Eddie Obeng

In detail

In addition to founding Pentacle, Eddie established QUBE, the world's best 3D learning environment. He was previously an Executive Director at Ashridge Management College, having begun his career with Shell. Prof. Obeng pioneered the concept of the 'New World' throughout the 1990's. He and his team have spent the best part of a decade re-writing the fundamentals of business management to create their own coherent, joined up New World approach. They have challenged all the established thinking from strategy as environmental fit to 'hero' leaders and re-interpreted the needs for the 21st century of complexity and fast change.

What he offers you

With his vast experience and unique perspective, Eddie will reshape your perceptions and reveal a new reality. Through real-life client cases, he proves that "The future is now because most of us are already late!".

How he presents

Eddie is a dynamic and captivating speaker who ignites energy, provokes thoughts, and brings humour to the table. Unafraid of controversy, he delivers highly inspirational talks that leave a lasting impact. Additionally, his presentation skills are exceptional.


Eddie presents in English.

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  • Neuro-Collaboration: Thinking Together and Working Out Loud Increase Productivity and Global Alignment
  • Uncertainty: What Strategic Mindset and Leadership Toolkit do you Need to Navigate the Current Global Uncertainty?
  • Human-Machine and AI: People Centre Future of Work
  • Digitally Transform Successfully
  • USe Virtual Reality for Flexibility and Scalability
  • How Navigate Global Uncertainty
  • Hot to Increase Productivity and Get Aligned
  • Speed of Delivery in Turbulence
  • My Unedited Life Story in a Digital Business


  • Eddie was excellent. He is a passionate, lively and humorous presenter, along with being dynamic, energetic and funny - Marketing Communications Agency


  • 2010
    Innovation: It's a Project Jim, but not as we know it!
  • 2008
    The Complete Leader (with Christophe Gillet)
  • 2007
    THE NEW WORLD series Who Killed the Spark?
  • 2006
  • 2002
    Money Making Machine
  • 2002
    Perfect Projects


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