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Michael Fath

Artist, Guitarist, Producer, Writer & Martial Arts Expert

Michael Fath is an American guitarist and record producer. He is part of American Crush, a modern rock project with a debut album to be released ahead of a worldwide tour. He is also a professional martial artist with 17 black belts in Asian, Israeli, MuayThai, JuJutsu and Kali disciplines.

"Guitar Magazine instrumentalist of the year"

Michael Fath


Michael has established himself as a truly international phenomenon with a staggering range of instrumental recordings that have featured unparalleled versatility with both acoustic and electric guitar. He has been a member of the rock bands Wizzard, Orphan, King Dazzle and the Cherry People. He has released nearly 30 instrumental solo albums and guitar instructional videos including the acclaimed Rock Guitar Project. Michael's brilliant career is solidly anchored in the practical realities of the music industry. Michael is a professional martial artist who is currently up to his 5th degree Krav Maga black belt and 4th degree black belt in Korean sword. His many professional clients include the Washington, DC Police Force, United States Secret Service and the Washington Metro Police to name a few.

Seine Vorträge

Michael is extremely articulate about the philosophical and psychological aspects of starting something new, and teaching to not be afraid of failure, but rather to embrace it and improve upon it.

Sein Vortragsstil

Michael's inspiring and passionate speeches are extremely provocative. He is a born entertainer who understands how to mesmerise his audience with his music as well as his presentations.


He presents in English.

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  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivation and Improvement
  • Talent and Personal Development


  • 2019
    Symphony for the Angels
  • Life Changes, yet Never Ends
  • 2018
    The Conversion of Ronnie Vee
  • 2016
    Faces Are Three of Virtuosity
  • 2014
    Amor est Conceptualis
  • 2013
    The Village Squires - Tales of Mayhem and Revenge
  • 2010
    Reflections of Darkness and Light
  • 2009
    The Girls of Yesterday


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