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Jay Tuck

AI Expert, Investigative Journalist & TV Producer

Jay Tuck was Executive Director at ARD, where he produced over 500 segments for the network and Jay served as combat correspondent in Iraq. His articles on security policy appear in leading publications in across Europe. His TEDx Talk was viewed by 1 ½ Million viewers.

"A leading authority on AI in Corporate Planning & Military Strategy"

Jay Tuck


His investigative reports on security policy, espionage and weapons technology appear in leading publications across Europe, including Cicero, Focus, Le Point, Stern and Welt. He is author of 'High-Tech Espionage', published in fourteen countries. For his current book, 'Evolution without Us', he interviewed drone pilots and intelligence sources, futurists and Silicon Valley specialists in a 3 year exclusive research. For over thirty years Jay has held positions of major editorial responsibility at ARD, Europe's largest television network. His television company in Dubai is well-networked in the Arab Region. Jay consults for international companies on media politics, as well as strategies for business.

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Jay Tuck has deep knowledge on matters of modern warfare. As a US defence expert and a combat correspondent Jay's journalist career has brought him much insight to inter-national relations. Jay speaks to private banks and financial institutions, as well as security and law enforcement conferences on artificial intelligence.

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Jay Tuck is an internationally acclaimed speaker whose lively talks are accompanied by exclusive video and photographs.


He presents in English and German.

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  • Artificial Intelligence - Humanity's Most Serious Challenge
  • How Dangerous is Autonomous AI?
  • China/USA - The Great AI Race
  • How AI is Revolutionizing Modern Medicine
  • Middle East - Aftermath of the Arab Spring


  • 2017
    Evolution Without Us
  • High-Tech Espionage

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