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Diego Masciaga

Master of Customer Service

Diego Masciaga has made Customer Service Excellence his life's mission. He has worked for over thirty five years in the hospitality industry as Director, Restaurant Manager and Consultant inspiring many young professionals and helping them to develop their skills in creating sustainable excellence.

"Service is born out of an overwhelming desire, an insatiable need, to Serve"

Diego Masciaga


Director and General Manager of The Waterside Inn, he has been working with the prestigious Roux family for the last 34 years. As a consultant he has been responsible for a number of Royal visit's to the UK, he has organised private dinners and banquets for the British Royal family. In the corporate world for the last three years he has assisted in the training of British Airway's First Class Pursers and helped them to develop their skills in Service and Customer Care. For his work he has been widely recognised with numerous international awards.

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Diego shares with audiences 'the Diego Masciaga way of Service' which is the result of the skilled understanding of every individual customer and the on-going recognition of and speedy response to their ever-changing needs, combined with the application of technical skills and the management of environments and atmosphere. He also shares the importance of highly motivated and well-trained teams who understand and value the various outcomes that service creates and why this is vital for the success of any business.

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Diego's excellent leadership qualities and his strong communication skills have impacted positively on company presentations. His unique presence and charisma adds prestige to any event.


He presents in English, French and Italian.

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  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Motivation


  • 2014
    The Diego Masciaga Way: Lessons from the Master of Customer Service


Diego Masciaga

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