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Charles Armstrong

Leading Social Entrepreneur, Founder of The Trampery

Charles Armstrong is a social entrepreneur based in London. He founded The Trampery in 2009 to develop new kinds of workspace for startups and creative communities. Since then the Trampery has opened ten further sites in London including specialist facilities for fashion, digital arts, travel and retail.

"Charles Armstrong is a leading business innovator"

Charles Armstrong


Charles is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, the world's first business school for social entrepreneurship. Prior to that, he graduated in Social & Political Science from St John's College Cambridge. Charles was the final student to be mentored by Michael Young (Lord Young of Dartington) the UK's leading social innovator of the post-war period. Alongside The Trampery Charles also founded Trampoline Systems, an analytics venture specialised in data on business clusters.

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Charles Armstrong's presentations focus on innovation, quality and customer relationship as driving significant growth to meet the increasing market demand for organisational agility. He also talks about a new generation of social analytic technologies that provide insights into customer relationships, collaborations and business effectiveness and how they will impact on businesses across the globe.

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His highly innovative views and informal, out-of-the-box presentations make Charles Armstrong a sought-after speaker at symposia around the world.


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