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Chantal Rickards OBE

Former CEO, British Academy of Film & Television Arts, Los Angeles

Chantal Rickards was spokesperson for BAFTA, Los Angeles, running high profile events and talent led initiatives. Adding philanthropy to her expertise, Chantal now speaks on how philanthropic and cause related content is being used to shine a light on pressing global issues from Hollywood to London and beyond.

"An expert in the Entertainment Industry"

Chantal Rickards OBE


Chantal has spoken all over the world on behalf of both the BBC and WPP, championing content marketing from both the broadcaster and practitioner's point of view. Her brand led projects were for Chevron, Visa, Specsavers and Bourjois and more. She has presided over advertising juries in Europe and been a keynote speaker at conferences in Dubai, Cairo, Sydney, New York, Washington and Beirut among others. Her recent years in Hollywood have given her a totally new perspective on global content and how film studios, broadcasters, platforms and brands are finding their way in the modern world and creating new forms of monetisation.

Ihre Vorträge

Chantal is an experienced speaker and moderator, having been a spokesman for both the BBC, WPP and BAFTA over the years. She shares her experiences and views about how content and brands working together to good effect could be immensely powerful.

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Chantal is an accomplished interviewer, whose range encompasses the world or entertainment, philanthropy and brands.


She presents in English.

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  • Movie & TV Business
  • Mastering the Art of Branded Content
  • Talent / Celebrity
  • Non-profits in the 21st Century
  • Networking
  • Brands and Content - How They Can Support Each Other
  • Moderator and Panelist


Chantal Rickards OBE

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