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Bisila Bokoko

CEO and Founder of BBES International

Bisila Bokoko is a pioneering, truly inspirational and an award-winning businesswoman with an impressive track record of taking international companies from local to global. Founder of BBES, a consulting firm, she serves a wide range of markets and industries with particular focus on gastronomy, fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture.

"Leadership does not mean command, but inspire"

Bisila Bokoko


For 7 years, Bisila held the position of Executive Director of the Spain-US Chamber of commerce in New York. Bisila's efforts have won her widespread recognition and led to dynamic involvement in EMPRETEC, a United Nations programme that supports up and coming entrepreneurs. She has held the esteemed positions of Chair of The Executive Board and annual Host of their "Women in Business Awards" since 2010. She herself is the face of 'Bisila Wines', her namesake global award-winning drop made in Spain. Bisila is also the founder of The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project, a non-profit organisation committed to opening libraries throughout the continent. She has been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, VOGUE, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar and seen on BBC, Bloomberg, CCTV, etc

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With 20 years of experience as a catalyst for change and structuring strategic partnerships, creating and forging new opportunities for organisations in NY and across the globe, Bisila has proven to be an effective powerhouse as a global brand ambassador, spokesperson and business developer.

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An experienced speaker at conferences the world over, Bisila has a unique presence and charisma and provides invaluable business insight to events.


Sie referiert auf English und Spanish.

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  • Leadership
  • Business Development
  • Global Alliances
  • Women in Business
  • International Trade
  • Inspiration/Motivation


Bisila Bokoko

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