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Afshin Molavi

Middle East Expert & Global Economist

Afshin Molavi is currently a Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute and Co-Director of the emerge85 Lab, a joint initiative on geo-economic multiplicity that explores the impact of the emergence or re-emergence of 'non-Western' global economic players. He is also a senior advisor for Oxford Analytica, a global analysis and advisory firm.

"A uniquely experienced speaker on the Middle East and key global issues?"

Afshin Molavi


At the Foreign Policy Institute, Molavi writes broadly on topics such as the emerging markets in particularl 'The New Silk Road,' South-South trade, the Middle East and the global economy. He was also a Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation and a former director of the World Economic Roundtable sought to remap the global economy in the wake of The Great Recession. A former journalist, Molavi's work appeared in international publications such as The New York Times, The Financial Times and The Washington Post. He has also served as an analyst at the International Finance Corporation, a private sector development arm of the World Bank.

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Afshin Molavi is an international business expert who understands how China, India, and the Middle East are impacting the global economy. He provides audiences with a high level assessment of the risks and opportunities that await today's global business environment.

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Afshin Molavi tailors each presentation to precisely fit each event and his engaging speeches make him a sought-after speaker at conferences around the globe.


Er referiert auf Englisch.

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  • Global Geo-Political Risk
  • Geo-Economics
  • Middle East & Asia
  • Economic Implications of the Arab Spring
  • The New Silk Road
  • Next Generation of Leaders in the Middle East


  • 2005

    The Soul of Iran

  • 2002

    Persian Pilgrimages

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