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Prof. Michael L. Joroff

Senior Lecturer, MIT Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning

Michael L. Joroff is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with which he has been affiliated since 1971. As founder and programme director, Joroff's accomplishments include the MIT Joint Programme for Building Energy, MIT-Shimuzu Building Research Programme, MIT-Korean Institute of Construction Programme, and distributed work-related projects and consulting for organisations; e.g., IBM, Nokia, Nissan, Cigna, American Express, Kodak, AT&T, Xerox and health care institutions.

"He specialises in organisational diagnostic and design"

Prof. Michael L. Joroff

In detail

Mr. Joroff directed the MIT Laboratory of Architecture and Planning for 18 years. A consultant with corporations in the U.S., Europe and Japan on real estate strategy and the design of workplaces, Joroff specialises in workplace design integrated with the organisation's structure and business strategy. He directs professional education programmes for urban planners and corporate real estate executives in the United States, Europe and Japan, and is a core faculty member of the Institute of Corporate Real Estate. For professional journals he has written numerous articles about corporate infrastructure management and workplace design and management and has taught over 100 professional education programmes in the United States, Europe and Asia.

What he offers you

Mr. Joroff consults, lectures and teaches globally about the impact of new business models and emerging technology on the design of corporate workplaces and large-scale real estate developments. He offers insights into the groundbreaking work in the fields of energy management, environmental policy, urban design, housing technology and the management of corporate real estate. He currently serves as a strategy advisor to major mixed-use development projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, which serve national goals to promote specific industries.

How he presents

Mr. Joroff's highly sought-after presentations are high in content, extremely informative and insightful, delivered with calm authority and charm.


He presents in English.

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  • How Technology Can Support Partnerships
  • Reinventing the Workplace
  • Managing the Reinvented Workplace
  • Team Space
  • Excellence by Design
  • Workplace of the future: What will it look like? Will it be yours or 'the company's'?


  • 1998
    Excellence By Design: Transforming Workplace and Work Practice (with Turid H. Horgen, William L. Porter

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