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Marga Hoek

International Business and Thought Leader

Marga Hoek is the international business and thought leader on sustainable business and capital and the shift from the linear economy to a circle economy. She has gained recognition over the years as a successful and innovative business leader in various CEO and executive roles. Thinkers50 has incorporated her in their radar 2019 list.

"A renowned successful and innovative business leader"

Marga Hoek

In detail

Ms. Hoek is an authoritative and inspirational speaker and author of the award-winning bestseller book 'New Economy Business', the book that has gotten international appreciation for the clear vision on a sustainable, circular economy and the new role of business. She published numerous articles in magazines such as The Huffington Post, Executive Finance and is a global voice for G20, G7 Climate Change and Cop23. Hoek is a partner of Chairman Mentors International, a European company that enables CEO's to benefit from the experience of seasoned Chairman around the world. She recently launched her newest book 'The Trillion Dollar Shift', during the World Economic Forum Annual Conference in Davos. Hoek thus is a unique speaker able to take all society's challenges at hand sketching concrete path to business' and capital's success.

What she offers you

Hoek is a visionary, but with a close look on reality. She combines sharing her vision with many concrete examples of exciting business cases throughout the world. She can engage and relate with many different audiences, in many different countries.

How she presents

She provides the right mix of information, humour and inspiration. Always well prepared, Hoek is able to relate her vision to the concrete company or situation at hand.


She presents in English, Spanish and Dutch.

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  • Sustainable Business and Capital
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Role of Business Leaders for Society
  • New Markets and Innovation Opportunities
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Future of Business
  • Finance for a Better World
  • Global Outlook on Societies and Business' Challenges


  • 2018
    The Trillion Dollar Shift - Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • 2014
    New Economy Business


Marga Hoek

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