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Dr. Joseph MacInnis

Deep Sea Explorer & Best-Selling Author

Joe MacInnis is one of the world's most respected ocean scientists and the first person to dive under the North Pole and among the first five to dive to the Titanic. He was an advisor to the Titanic discovery team and the first Canadian to explore the world's most famous shipwreck.

"In this beautiful, broken world of collapsing ecosystems, failed states and toxic lies, we need dynamic tools to navigate personal and professional change."

Dr. Joseph MacInnis

In detail

Supported by the Canadian government, Joe led ten research expeditions under the Arctic Ocean and constructed Canada's first subsurface research laboratory; the only freshwater underwater lab, the only under-ice station and it was the only 'free' submerged habitat in the world at the time. Joe Macinnis is also the first person to explore the freezing waters beneath the North Pole. Joe has worked on more than fifty undersea science and engineering projects with the U.S. Navy, the French and Canadian governments and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Along the way, he spent two years as a consultant to Canada's Privy Council Office and seven years as a consultant to the TD Bank Group.

What he offers you

Joe MacInnis has spent a lifetime analysing leadership and teamwork in high-risk environments including the deep ocean, the battlefield, governments and corporations. Joe focuses in an optimistic and upbeat way on solutions, and the audience takes home a new understanding of leadership and teamwork and a renewed commitment to apply it.

How he presents

His highly illustrated presentations and his outstanding career make Joe MacInnis a sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences around the globe.


He presents in English.

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  • Navigating COVID-19
  • Safety First, Second and Forever
  • Oilstorm: Leadership Lessons From the Gulf of Mexico
  • Blowout: The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
  • The Thrill of Exploration
  • Leadership - 12 Essentials (4 hour workshop)
  • Leadership in Difficult Circumstances
  • Risk and Reward
  • Falling in Love with the Earth
  • Deep Green Leadership


  • Joe has an excellent style, both relaxed and humorous. He has really interesting and moving content - Business Communications Specialist


  • 2012
    Deep Leadership
  • 2009
    Leadership - 12 Essentials
  • 2008
    Titanic Dreams
  • 2005
    James Cameron's Aliens of the Deep: Voyages to the Strange World of the Deep Ocean
  • 2004
    Breathing Underwater: The Quest to Live in the Sea
  • 2000
    Titanic in a New Light


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