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Jack Shaw

Top Business Technology Futurist & Blockchain Expert

Jack Shaw has been a Technology Futurist for over 30 years - helping businesses to understand the strategic implications of emerging technologies. In 2016 he became Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council and of their forum, the Blockchain Executive LinkedIn Group.

"Prepare for the Future of Accelerating Change!"

Jack Shaw

In detail

Jack Shaw has advised leading technology providers including Oracle, SAP, IBM and HP Enterprises. He has delivered expert guidance to Fortune 500 Companies such as General Electric and Coca Cola and to numerous small and mid-market public and private sector organisations. He was voted one of 2017's Top 25 Professional Speakers by over 27,000 meetings planners, executives and conference attendees - the only Technology speaker to be accorded this recognition. As a futurist, he is particularly expert at helping C-level executives and managers understand, and plan for the impacts of emerging technologies. Jack graduated from Yale in Business Administration and has an MBA from Kellogg.

What he offers you

Jack Shaw is uniquely talented at translating business technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, and Augmented Reality into business value propositions. His keen perception and vision into new technologies and emerging business practices enable clients to anticipate where the market is headed.

How he presents

A charismatic and dynamic speaker, he has delivered more than 1000 keynote addresses and executive presentations in more than 20 countries. He is also an experienced workshop facilitator and panel moderator.


He presents in English.

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  • Digital Transformation: Rethinking Your Business Ecosystem
  • The New Internet of Trust: Bitcoin, Blockchains and Smart Contracts
  • The Internet of Things - and the Future of Everything!
  • Artificial Intelligence: Business Systems and Processes That Think for Themselves!
  • The Future of Manufacturing and Distribution


  • 2015
    3D Printing - Are You Ready for the Transformation
  • 2011
    The Cloud Computing e-Book
  • 2009
    Fraud for Sale - Are You a Target for Automated Fraud
  • 2005
    Dynamic Systems Put Enterprise Risk Management in Motion
  • 2000
    Surviving the Digital Jungle
  • 1995
    Doing Business in the Information Age


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