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Dr Chris Brauer

Director of Innovation in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS)

Dr Chris Brauer is Director of IMS at Goldsmiths, University of London and a world leading researcher and public academic in the intersections of human behaviour and emerging technologies. His projects have been featured in over 400 media outlets worldwide including the Financial Times, BBC, CNN and Wall Street Journal.

"A globally respected expert on technologies of the future, and the Digital Revolution"

Dr Chris Brauer

In detail

‘Dr. Chris’ delves into workforce skills, organisational competitiveness and the human implications of artificial intelligence by conducting fieldwork experiments with Microsoft, Automation Anywhere, IBM Watson and IPSoft Amelia. His groundbreaking studies also included benchmarking the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of global corporate leaders with NASDAQ, conducting the world's largest emotion-tracking driving experiment in 13 countries with Shell, revolutionising loyalty with Adobe and pioneering the Science of Common Ground for Heineken's acclaimed Open Your World campaign. Currently, he focuses on resolving the 'productivity paradox,' of organisations struggling to unlock the value of AI to their business and how to integrate digital skills into their workforce.

What he offers you

Dr Chris brings to life his animated and energising public speaking engagements through data and real-world examples from his and other research on topics ranging from artificial intelligence automation and augmentation to digital transformation and behavioural economics.

How he presents

Dr. Chris' tailored presentations are filled with useful actionable information aimed specifically at advising leading global companies.


He presents in English.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Relations
  • The Scorpion and the Frog
  • Human Behaviour
  • Where do Ideas Come From?
  • How to be Resilient and Gritty


  • How to be Resilient and Gritty


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