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Bruce Schneier

Principal Security Technologist

Bruce Schneier is a world leader in computer and network security.

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc., he has established the company as a chief provider of managed security services.

His status as a security guru is confirmed by having testified before the United States Congress on security.

The debunker of security technology

Bruce Schneier

In detail

An accomplished author and contributor to numerous specialist publications, he also created the Blowfish and Twofish encryption algorithms.

He is a rare master at illustrating the hidden world of encryption and demystifies everything associated with the science of codes.

What he offers you

His tremendous comprehension of all the criteria influencing security technology affords you the most all-inclusive analysis of what actually affects security decisions.

By incorporating the economic, political and legal concerns he reveals the real factors at play in security technology.

How he presents

Renowned for being energising, he brings a clear and invaluable perspective to this most current of topics.


He presents in English and German.

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  • The Science of Codes
  • How Does Security Work?
  • What's really behind a Security Decision?
  • Using Cryptography to Solve Security Problems
  • How Economics, Politics and the Law Affect Security Decisions.


  • 2008
    Schneier on Security
  • 2003
    Practical Cryptography
  • Beyond Fear: thinking sensibly about security in an uncertain world
  • 2000
    Secrets & Lies: digital security in a networked world
  • 1997
    The Electronic Privacy Papers
  • 1996
    Applied Cryptography
  • The Twofish Encryption Algorithm
  • 1995
    E-Mail Security

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